Publication 538 01 2022, Accounting Periods and Methods Internal Revenue Service

Tangible personal property includes films, sound recordings, video tapes, books, artwork, photographs, or similar property containing words, ideas, concepts, images, or sounds. However, freelance authors, photographers, and artists are exempt from the uniform Accounting for Lawyers: What to look for in a legal bookkeeper capitalization rules if they qualify. The adjustments must be bona fide, consistent, and uniform and you […]

Hurdle Rate Definition, Formula & Examples

First, it can lead to suboptimal decision-making if the wrong discount rate is used. Second, it can result in overinvestment in certain projects or underinvestment in others. Finally, it can create tension between different decision-makers within an organization. For hedge funds, the rate is the minimum rate of return required before they become eligible to unlock the incentive fees. However, […]