Translation  of Quran

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Translation of Quran

The Quran is a revelation very explicitly in Arabic, according to Islamic theology, and so it can only be recited in Quranic Arabic. Translations into other languages are inherently the product of humans. The value of translating the Holy Qur’an into other languages is a practical necessity for Muslim believers. It is as well a practical necessity for the non-Muslim to read and listen to the word of Allah.To support non-Arabic speakers and non-Arabic Muslim speakers as well, a good translation is therefore required. The fundamental holy text of Islam is the Quran. Muslims think that over approximately 23 years, starting in 609 CE, Allah eventually revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The Quran is considered the most significant religious reference for nearly two billion Muslims across the globe. The attempts to translate the Quran are seen as interpretations of the meanings, rather than an actual translation of the holy book, owing to the sacred nature of the Quran.

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