Islamic Education

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Islamic Education

VSC is one of the pioneers for online Quran courses. We have the best resources to provide you with quality Islamic education. Below are the key areas where we focus on.

Quran Pak

The Qur’an (‘Qor-Ann’) is a message to humankind from Allah (swt). It was conveyed to us in a chain from the Almighty Himself (swt) to the Prophet Muhammad to the angel Gabriel (saw). Over a span of about 23 years, this message was given to the Prophet (saw) in parts (610 CE to 632 CE).

Qaida With Rules And Pronunciation

We at VSC, take extra care for the rules of Qaida, as it is the founding stone for the later Islamic studies. We also take care of the correct pronunciation and for that purpose we have experts and experienced people who are diligently delivering quality Quran courses.

Quran (Nazra) With Rules (Tajweed)

Tajweed is a compilation of rules for correctly pronouncing the letters with all their characteristics and applying the different recitations. It means giving each letter of the Qur’an its rights and characteristics and following the rules that apply to certain letters in various circumstances when reciting the Qur’an.

Quran Translation (word to word) And Tafsir

The value of translating the Holy Qur’an into other languages is a practical necessity for Muslim believers. It is as well a practical necessity for the non-Muslim to read and listen to the word of Allah. … To support non-Arabic speakers and non-Arabic Muslim speakers as well, a good translation is therefore required. The fundamental holy text of Islam is the Quran. Muslims think that over approximately 23 years, starting in 609 CE, Allah eventually revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. The Quran is considered the most significant religious reference for nearly two billion Muslims across the globe.

Hifz Quran

A person who memorizes and acts on the whole Quran receives many advantages, some of which are mentioned in Fatwa 85360. “Among other advantages, he will receive what is stated in the saying of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (may Allah exalt his mention) “Whoever reads the Quran, memorizes it, and acts upon it, he will be clad (by angels) with a crown on the Day of Judgment, the light of which is like the sunlight, and his parents would be better dressed in two clothes than the entire universe and everything it comprises.” So they would amazingly ask: “What action have we done to deserve this? They will be told, “Because the Quran was memorized by your son.” [Al-Haakim] There are other advantages that no one but Allah knows.

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